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GLAD’s Partners

•  Partner: Schmitz Stiftungen (Schmitz Foundations)
•  Partner: Mirja Sachs Foundation
•  Partner: German Embassy
•  Partner: Solidaritätsdienst-international e.V.
•  Partner: Stiftung Nord-Süd-Brücken 
•  Partner: Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation


GLAD’s Target Groups:

1. Villagers in local communities in rural and urban areas including ethnic minorities
2. Government officials, NPA staff and individuals at village level

GLAD’s Objectives are

• To develop a partnership for development between Germany and Laos for grass root participative development initiatives

• To strengthen the capacity of communities through identifying and addressing their needs whilst emphasising the Millennium Development Goals (poverty eradication, water, education, gender equality and health)

• To support disadvantaged young people in poor villages to improve their living conditions trough non-formal vocational education

• To strengthen the capacity of Government counterparts and NPA staff members involved in rural community development through designated trainings and study tours

• To promote cultural exchange activities between Germany and Laos.

GLAD’s Projects

Schmitz Foundations (Schmitz Stiftungen)

The goal of the Schmitz Foundations is to support self-help projects in the field of sustainable food production, manual trades, non-formal education and the raising of income levels. In Laos the main project focus is school building/renovation and water supply.



Statement flash

A Lao Society that flourishes at the grass root level through cultural and participative development initiatives through the German-Lao Association for Development partnership.
GLAD’s mission is to promote cultural and development relations between Germany and Laos as described in the Millennium Development Goals.


That Luang
non formal education
village development
water supply
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